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Award winning, state of the art  company hosting  an exciting timetable of classes.

run by professional performer and speech specialist and trained EYFS staff for newborn to 4 years in Egerton,

Greater Manchester

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Baby Gaga

0-6 Months

Baby Gaga

6-12 Months

Baby Gaga

2-3 Years

Baby Gaga

3-4 Years

Baby Gaga

1-2 Years

Baby Gaga

1-4 Years Mixed

Why Sensory Learning?
At Baby Gaga everything we teach encourages you and your baby to grow together, bond together but most of all, share lots of beautiful moments together. 
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Hey Lovely! I'm Rae!

Owner and creator of Baby Gaga

I launched a brand new, independent business in January 2021 in Ramsbottom, Bury and just 12 months later opened our second studios in Egerton, Bolton.

Some people said I must be mad, launching a start up business in the middle of a pandemic! However I was so certain that parents and children needed our service, especially during such unprecedented times that I just knew I was on the right path, at the right time.

I’m a professionally trained actor and vocalist and have taught singing, speech and musical theatre to children for many years. The arts are my absolute passion and I adore watching children find their voice, build their confidence and celebrate who they are through my lessons. 

Singing is proven to improve your mental health. Confidence in speech is proven to have amazing long term results in both career and socialisation. Sensory is so so important to help our teeny ones explore in an engaging, intriguing, educational and safe way. 

I am a mummy to three beautiful little girls who are my world and also a trained life coach specialising in building confidence, resilience and self worth. 

After such a challenging couple of years, my passion for helping others was stronger than ever. I wanted to bring a safe, positive and fun space for our little ones to learn amazing life skills, vocal and speech skills, have a tonne of fun, and most of all bond with their parents in a social setting, surrounded by positivity and love. 

It felt like a pipe dream, to combine all the skills I’ve learned over the years and create a new style of baby classes, in our very own venue, with classes proven to give amazing that focuses on the child AND the parent and is affordable, accessible and inclusive to all. It’s an exciting concept and I decided, it’s now or never! 

Baby Gaga was born and I can’t WAIT to share our little business with Greater Manchester babies and parents!

I would love to see you and your little ones at our gorgeous themed lessons!

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