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We want our parents to have a front row ticket to their babies development, to never miss a moment and to be forever amazed by every new skill their loved one develops.


At Baby Gaga everything we teach encourages you and your baby to grow together, bond together but most of all, share lots of beautiful moments together. 

How do we achieve this? 


A mother of 3, and hugely passionate about the early years, an incredible amount of thought and planning went in to creating      Baby Gaga.

I designed my studios from scratch. From the studio sizes, the lighting, the height of the ceiling. Making sure that I tick every box, from the sensory square matching the distance at which your baby sees objects clearly to each instrument carefully chosen so that the sound is safe for little ears. We also have the most beautiful lighting which both stimulates and relaxes your baby during my carefully planned lessons.

My objective was to create a space that you and your baby can escape for 45 minutes and fully immerse yourselves in quality time with benefits to aid both bonding and development, themes to feed your imagination, songs to entertain both your baby and their caregiver and making memories to last a lifetime!

You are welcome to breast or bottle feed and cuddle your baby as much as they need during your sessions. We have seating facilities for before and after classes and although we ask for our reception and studios to be snack free areas, youre welcome to give older babies and toddlers snacks in our Babble and Brew room. You can also enjoy unlimited hot drinks and baked goods for an additional £5.50 either before or after class whilst your babies play and socialise in our ever-changing sensory play areas. 


Did you know that in the first 6 months of your babies life, sensory learning can help their development advance at such an incredibly fast rate? By the time your baby turns one, their brain will have doubled in volume thanks to all the amazing sensory learning you do with them! Our Newbie classes are designed for newborn to six months and provide an interactive themed lesson of engaging exercises to promote bonding with your baby and encouraging them to find their voice. Parents adore these beautiful moments when their babies explore new things and our newbie classes provide just that! 


The age of wonder, our classes for 1-2 year olds are full of exciting, interactive activities that encourage use of voice, body and imagination. Our parents are welcome to join in or watch from the sideline, we encourage confidence as a key element to our classes and to follow our babies lead at this stage. With exercises to enhance speech and language and music to promote positive mental health and self expression. You and your baby are sure to enjoy becoming a member of this magical age group!


By six months old our babies are beginning to find their voice and show off their wonderful personalities. We love to encourage vocal stimulation through song plus lots of fun themed activities for our little ones to discover how to use their voice and have a good wiggle to music too! All of our classes include sensory lighting, musical instruments and a fun new theme each week to help build confidence and creativity. A beautiful program of classes to promote bonding and celebrate individuality. 


Our company was designed by a mum of two who knows all too well how difficult it is to please all children at once.


Our mixer class is aimed at children 1-4 years. It is a fun, interactive class that teaches a mix of all of our age groups curriculum in one. This group is perfect for siblings but can also be booked for one baby.


Our classes for 3-4 year olds explore different themes to help aid their development. With classes designed around drama, singing, elocution and musical theatre and delivered in a style that promotes confidence and creativity. Our parents are invited to watch whilst your little ones explore their amazing personalities in our state of the art sensory studio.

At this stage we promote the correct singing and breathing techniques, educate musical terms and work on diction and articulation. 

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